Harmony QAL: Flying Geese

Harmony QAL: Flying Geese

Can you believe it? We are on the last unit for the Harmony Hand Pieced Quilt Along!

We are stitching up Flying Geese units this week and you’ve done some version of this on other units already, like the Square in a Square and the Partial Square in a Square units.

I’ve done mine as rotary cut, “stitch and flip” units. I find that they come out very accurate when I stitch them this way–even if it does waste a little bit of fabric when you trim the corners.

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Flying Geese Construction

I tried to do minimal stitching line marking on this project, so instead of marking the stitching line on all four sides of the background patch, I just marked the diagonal stitching line.

From there it’s a simple matter of stitching, trimming to a 1/4″ seam allowance, and finger pressing the corner open. Then repeat on the other side. When stitching the second side (left), make sure that you slip your need right where the previous unit is folded over. Feel for that ridge and slip your needle straight down. I like to do a second stitch there, just to make sure that point is secure.

If you used templates, the technique is very similar, just no need for trimming. I did a video for our first Hand Pieced QAL that walks you right through it. You may find it useful, even if you use the stitch and flip method, since that actual stitching is the same. When we did the first QAL, we found that people had more success with accuracy with the stitch and flip method–but I encourage you to try both ways and find what works best for you.

You will need a total of eight of these units for the wall hanging, and 32 if you are doing the throw size quilt. These are fun and quick units to piece, so I hope that you relax and enjoy them. We will be moving on to construction our rectangle units next week, and then we will be ready to put it all together! Wow, this has gone so quickly!

As always, don’t forget to pop on over to Patty’s blog she has great tips for both rotary cutting and template piecing for this unit.

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