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Simple. Handmade. Everyday. Podcast Episode 2 Show Notes

In this episode I talk about my love of tea, some free motion quilting adventures, my second sock nightmare, my current favorite binge-worthy show, and how I get my kids in the kitchen.

Here are the links of things I talk about in the show:

(Disclosure: Some of these are affiliate links)

Harney & Sons Earl Gray Tea

Teavana Perfectea Maker

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting by Angela Walters and Christa Watson

Piece and Quilt with Precuts by Christa Watson

Free-Motion Meandering by Angela Walters

My Free-Motion Meandering blog posts:

Sew Illustrated by Minki Kim and Kristin Esser

HollyAnne of String & Story

Steam-a-Seam fusible web

Hermione’s Everyday Socks (free pattern on Ravelry)

Void Shawl

Selbu Mittens

Save Our Stitches Craftsy class

Yarn on First yarn shop in Napa, CA

Quince & Co. Lark yarn

Victoria show on PBS

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How I use a bullet journal

How to use a bullet journal to organize your life at Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

Do you bullet journal? I do and it is one of those things that even though it’s such a simple concept–it has made a huge impact on my productivity.

I’m one of those people who loves to write things down. I have a gazillion notebooks all over the house. A gratitude journal, a blogging notebook, multiple quilting notebooks, a one-sentence journal, a journal journal (diary), and a morning pages journal (where it’s okay to be really messy)–you get the idea. Add on top of that lots of bits of scrap paper and post-it notes to help me remember random bits of information. Clearly, I was drowning in paper.

Then I ran across this video, by the originator of the bullet journal concept:

Compared to the crazy layouts that bullet journaling has inspired–the original idea was pretty utilitarian. And since the last thing I need is another hobby (of designing bullet journal pages), my take on it is even more straight forward. I want to add at this point that I also keep a paper family calendar so that everyone can see what the schedule for the week is–but I don’t keep my to do list on that. I’ve used this one for years and it works perfectly for our family.

How to use a bullet journal to organize your life at Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

I’ve tried a couple of brands of notebooks for my bullet journal so far, Moleskine and  Leuchtturm. My favorite is the Lechtturm 1917 . I currently have it in navy. The pages are graph paper, which makes it easy to make little  boxes to check off, but I’d like to try the one with the dotted grid someday. One nice feature of the Lechtturm over the Moleskin is that the pages are numbered and it has a table of contents all ready to fill in. I had to create those myself with the Moleskin books.


How I organize my bullet journal

How to use a bullet journal to organize your life at Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

The idea behind bullet journaling is to have one place to capture everything. Your goals, dreams, random thoughts, and all kinds of lists: to do, movies to see, books to read, projects to sew, etc. This idea is very appealing to me. I do use it for all of the above, but mostly I use it to keep track of all of the things that I want and need to do. But the reason that you can write anything in it, in no certain order, is because of the table of contents. Every month or so, I go through and update the TOC, so that I can find all those random lists that are mixed in with my every day to do lists.

(As you can probably tell, I did not stage these photos at all–this is my real bullet journal in all it’s utilitarian, scribbley glory. There are no artful banners or washi tape here.)

Master List

How to use a bullet journal to organize your life at Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

It starts with the Master List. This is the first brain dump that I do at the beginning of a new journal. It is everything I both want and need to do. When I get a new journal, I transfer whatever is not checked off. I continue to add to it all year long. I don’t even want to tell you how many times I’ve transferred “Will” over. Seriously, we really need to get that done!

Monthly List

How to use a bullet journal to organize your life at Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

Then at the beginning of every month I write down what I want to get done sometime that month. Sometimes the list is pretty obvious, but I always flip over to the Master List to see if there is anything that I can make progress on that month.  Some of the things are easy and small, and some are larger projects. I don’t always finish what is on this list, but it gives me a framework for the month.

Weekly List

How to use a bullet journal to organize your life at Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

At the beginning of the week, I narrow it down further. What are the main things that need to happen? I check the monthly list and see what fits in for the week. I find that narrowing it down like this really helps me make progress on a number of projects.

Daily List

How to use a bullet journal to organize your life at Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

This is where the magic happens–the daily to do list. But these lists wouldn’t be as good without the thoughtful planning about what I want to accomplish this year, this month, and this week.  Beyond that, there is nothing special about them–just checklists. But I get a lot of joy out of checking off those little boxes. And I do usually take the step of reviewing the list from the day before to move forward any items that I didn’t get done. You can see that with the little arrows over the check boxes.

How to use a bullet journal to organize your life at Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

I also use it to just scribble down random ideas, lists, and things to do. This was my random brain dump list from a couple weekends ago. I just kept adding to it until one day I transferred all these thoughts and ideas to a better place. But it was very nice to have them all in one place instead on a bunch of random scraps of paper.

I also have pages of sewing projects that I want to remember, notes that I’ve taken from webinars, meals that I want to remember to make, etc. And I can find them nestled deep between the daily to do lists because I’ve listed them in the table of contents.

That’s it–pretty basic, but I have found that taking a few minutes at the beginning of the month and the beginning of the week to figure out how to move forward on all kinds of goals: housekeeping, personal development, professional development, as well as just remembering to drop off the library books has made a big difference in how much I actually get done each day and week.

How about you? How do you organize your life?

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5 Things I’m Loving in January

Hand pieced quilt blocks at

I had a couple of weeks off from work during the holidays and it was such a treat to be home with the kids with absolutely no agenda. I stayed off of social media (mostly), took lots of bubble baths, read a ridiculous number of books, went for a hike, played board games and basically checked out of real life. It was wonderful.

Now I’m on the other side of it and expected to hit the ground running, and frankly, I’m still just not quite ready. I’ve started a new morning routine, and I keep making lists–but the possibilities just seem so endless. So while I contemplate my plans for 2018, here are a few things that I’m loving right now and need no more thought.

  1. The Crown. Though I enjoyed season 1, I felt like I was the only person on earth that didn’t LOVE it. And the first episode of season 2 is a bit of a slow starter. But now that I’m past that–I am loving this season. Every episode I end up googling some person or event to find out if it really happened. And it turns out that the show is pretty accurate. This is definitely the most fun way to learn history. And it doesn’t hurt that I can hand sew and knit while I watch.
  2. The Inspector Gamache book series by Louise Penny. Here is another example of a series that I had heard good things about, and I started Still Life (the first book in the series) a couple of times before I actually finished the whole book. But this is a series that just keeps getting better. I flew through six books in the series during my two weeks off. I literally sat on the couch for hours on end, only to get up to go to the library to get then next book. A few details–these are extremely well-written mystery novels that take place in Quebec. I’m a sucker for any book that has a bit of French in it, but in general I just want to crawl inside these books and live in the world that Louise Penny has created (except for the murder part). I’m craving croissants and cafe au lait, and plotting a vacation in Quebec.
  3. My Roomba (robotic vacuum), whom we call Mr. Bates. When we first got hardwood floors a few years ago, we bought a Roomba to keep from having to sweep all the time. Mr. Bates performed quite well, until his battery died and I forgot all about him. Well, because of having literally almost nothing to do for two weeks (except read mystery novels), I found the bandwidth to order and install a new battery. Mr. Bates is back in business and keeping our floors crumb and pet hair free and it makes me ridiculously happy.
  4. Small changes. I don’t know about you, but when the new year rolls around, I tend to try to overhaul all the things that aren’t working perfectly in my life. All at the same time. I’m kind of an all or nothing girl that way. But I know that this doesn’t actually work very well. So, this year, I’m starting small. Small changes. I started a yoga routine (see #5 below), but instead of the whole video, I’m just doing the firs 10-15 minutes. I’m working on deep cleaning my house, but just 15 minutes a day. It’s never going to be “finished”, so why kill myself to do a whole room at a time? This is the year that I will accomplish big things, one small step at a time.
  5. Yoga with Adriene. I used to do yoga. At an actual studio. And I miss it. There is just something about a great yoga session, or even just a really good stretch, where you feel muscles moving and relaxing and getting all tingly. Ah, I love it. So, I’m making space in my morning routine to do just a little bit each morning. Nothing too ambitious–just enough to remind myself why I love it and see where it grows from there.

So, that’s it, just a few things that are working for me right now. What’s working for you?

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The simplest dishtowel hack

(This post  contains affiliate links. This means that if you purchase through this link, I will get a tiny commission, at no additional charge to you. Rest assured, I only link to products that I love!  My disclosure policy can be found here.)

How to add hanger tabs to dishtowels.

I’m almost embarrassed to write this post, but since I have found it so helpful, I’m hoping that someone out there will too.

I used to have this issue with the dishtowel in my kitchen. It always seemed to be this rumpled, soggy mess carelessly tossed on the counter, somewhere close to the sink. I felt like I was forever refolding it and neatly setting it next to the sink, only to find it on the floor a few minutes later. Hanging it over the handle on the dishwasher or oven never really worked for me. If I put it on the dishwasher, it touched the floor whenever I loaded the dishwasher, and I have stainless steel appliances, so I didn’t want to hang on the oven door where it was going to leave spots. (First world problems, I am well aware!)

But then I bought a cheap set of Christmas dishtowels and lo and behold they had a little loop in the corner! (Like the center towel above.) I was able to slip it over the knob of my cabinet right next to the sink, and there it hung in all it’s glory–always in the same place, with enough air circulation that it drys out pretty well, and…well let’s just say it made me very happy! I will say that the towel in this part of the kitchen is mostly for just drying hands. I love absorbent bar mop towels for actually drying dishes, but I digress.

So, I picked up some white twill tape at Joann’s and proceeded to sew loops onto every dishtowel in the house. That was a few years ago, and it has worked splendidly.

Then I picked up the adorable dishtowels above at Trader Joe’s about six months ago (similiar ones here). But I never used them, because–no loops! So I sat down to remedy this a few nights ago and thought I’d share a bit with you. It’s super simple and it took me like 5 minutes.

When I was digging through my basket to find the twill tape, I came across some cuter trim that I decided to use on two of the towels. I actually sewed the tab on three different ways, to see if I have a preference. (It turns out I don’t.)

  • Dishtowels
  • Twill tape or decorative trim

How to add hanger tabs to dishtowels.

  1. Cut the twill tape to about 5″.

How to add hanger tabs to dishtowels.

2. For a looped tab, fold the twill tape in half and sew to one corner, or halfway along one side, on the wrong side of the towel.

How to add hanger tabs to dishtowels.

3. For another option, sew corner to corner on the wrong side of the towel. Trim excess twill tape.

How to add hanger tabs to dishtowels.

How to add hanger tabs to dishtowels.

How to add hanger tabs to dishtowels.

That’s it! Let me know if this mundane issue has plagued you and if you find this a useful little homemaking hack.

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5 things I’m loving right now

Trim Healthy Mama menu planning
Saturday morning menu planning.

The holidays are headed right for us, have you noticed? Before all the holiday preparations, excitement, and let’s face it, dread, fully envelope us, I thought it would be nice to pause and think about what I’m loving–what is working for me right now, in ordinary time.

  1. Going sugar-free. Yup. I did it. It’s been a couple of months now since I started the Trim Healthy Mama (let’s just call it THM, shall we?) eating plan to get my blood sugar issues under control. It has helped me get  out of pre-diabetes territory, which I find a huge relief.  The plan is simultaneously easy and hard to do. But the one thing that is definitely working is getting off of sugar,  with all its ups and downs and cravings. I do use stevia-based sweeteners, which I used to lump in with all other “fake sugars”, but in fact, after lots of research I have found that stevia is a natural sweetener, and thank goodness for that! I made it through my first Halloween ever eating no candy, and feel like I am free!
  2. All things British TV. I just binged-watched Poldark Season 3 and loved every minute of it. One day I am definitely going to need to read the books that started it all.  Other recent favorites include Victoria and To Walk Invisible: The Bronte Sisters. Long hours of sewing are even more enjoyable when streaming some lovely British TV.
  3. FlyLady. Have you done FlyLady? This one deserves its own post. I have started and abandoned FlyLady half a dozen times in my life. But I keep going back to it, not because I need help getting my house clean each week. I have that down. What I need help with is the deep cleaning. Making space in my schedule for all the little (or not so little) things that I don’t clean on a weekly basis. I’m talking about moving the furniture to vacuum, cleaning out the drawers and cupboards, cleaning the ceiling fans–stuff like that. And her Zone system, tackling one area of your home per week and knocking these tasks off 15 minutes at a time makes a lot of sense to me. I’m still struggling to implement it, but I will keep pushing forward.
  4. Morning Pages. I carry a lot in my head. I’m always thinking, thinking, thinking. And taking time every morning (or even just some mornings–no perfectionism here) to get what is in my head out on paper really helps me make sense of it all. Or at least it get it out of my head. I’m hoping to go into the holidays this with some clarity, purpose, and intention.
  5. The Next Right Thing podcast. I am no stranger to Emily P. Freeman’s writing–but her podcast resonates with me on a different level.  From her podcast intro: The Next Right Thing “is for the second-guessers, the chronically hesitant or anyone who suffers from decision fatigue.” Yes, yes, and yes. At less than twenty minutes per episode, it is just the kick-in-the-pants I need some days.

So that’s it for me. What are you loving right now?

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a little story about throw pillows

Can throw pillows change a room? Maybe.

I have never felt great about my decorating skills. Over time I think that I have created a home that is fairly cozy–but I have never decorated a room and thought, “Done!” It is always a piecemeal affair with grand plans for some future date when I will be more grown-up and confident in my decorating skills. Because of this, I always take advantage of the free interior designer service when we buy furniture. In the past, this has worked fairly well, but I never really completed whatever plans they set out–which usually involves buying $10,000 worth of furniture.

As I pieced together our family room over several years–one year replacing the sofa and a chair, another year another chair–I began realizing that this room was not coming together. We have a neutral sofa, and a dark brown leather chair. This was the first problem–I felt the sofa was too light and the chair was too dark. So we bought a “medium” chair to fill out the room and to help bridge the contrast gap. Well–that chair sort of read “gray” when the sofa was reading “tan”. Ahhh! This room was not coming together–even with the help of an Ethan Allan designer and a bunch of expensive furniture.

I can’t afford to start over–so I invited my friend Terri over for tea one day. She has a model-home perfect house and just has a knack for this type of stuff. I don’t know why I didn’t get her involved earlier. The first thing she noticed was that the throw pillows on the sofa were contributing to the problem–they highlighted the tan in the sofa instead of the gray than is actually in there.

netural sofa with colorful throw pillows
Though I love these pillows–this arrangement was just so–blah!

Next stop–Pottery Barn to look for throw pillows to solve my problem. (Full disclosure: this “next stop” actually happened about a year later.) This was actually a hilarious scene, as we found a neutral sofa in PB (not hard) and Terri started grabbing pillows from all over the store, trying them in different combinations. Several sales people approached us to help, but backed away once they realized that Terri seemed to know what she was doing. I fully expected that I would get some pillows that added some color to the sofa (isn’t that what throw pillows are for?!)–but ended up with more neutral pillows that actually bridge the gap between the tan and gray.

Pottery Barn throw pillows

Pottery Barn throw pillows

I was skeptical. I kept telling her, “There is no way  my husband is going to go for all these pillows! He hates throw pillows! The kids will just throw them on the floor! (Is that why they are called throw pillows?)

Pottery Barn throw pillows with neutral sofa

Terri assured me that these were feather pillows and made the sofa more comfortable (she was right! Our old pillows are as hard as rocks compared to these). Also, we realized that we have enough color going on in that room with the oriental carpet, brink fireplace, and paintings, that keeping the sofa a bit more neutral actually helped to calm things down a bit.

Pottery Barn throw pillows with neutral sofa
I really do think these pillows help the sofa and chair make friends.

My next neurotic fear was that now that we have five (!) pillows on this sofa that are all scrunchy, comfy–I was going to spend the rest of my life fluffing them. Because this is what it looks like when everyone leaves in the morning.

what happens to feather throw pillows

And I think it may be true about the constantly straightening (sigh). But they really are so comfortable and I now feel like I’m living in a PB catalog. And I was already folding all those quilts that everyone leaves on the floor each morning anyway–so what’s a few (5!) pillows.

I mentioned over on Facebook the other day that Terri also took down all my decor items in the family room and living room and put back half of them. And it all looks so much better now. Everyone should have a Terri.

Now that I have solved the Throw Pillow Problem, I guess I can move on to other life and death matters like why I can find a rug the right size for the living room. First world problems 🙂 Oh, and I found the perfect place for those pillows I love–in the living room aka my office. And Teddy loves them too.

netural sofa with colorful throw pillows

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how to stay on top of your busy life :: reminders

how to use the reminder app to remember stuff

I was doing something that I do every month (or so) the other day–throwing out my old contact lens and opening a new pair. Believe it or not, this action kicks off a conundrum every time I do it. I am supposed to change out my contacts once a month, but I can never figure out a way to keep track of it. By the time I go downstairs to write it on the calendar–it has long ago flown from my head. I’ve tried to put a post-it note in the medicine cabinet, but if falls off and I can never find a pencil to write with anyway. I try to do it on the first of the month–but then a contact rips and I need to start over in the middle of the month… you get the picture.

So, the other day, when this issue reared its ugly head once a gain (and I’m pretty sure it had been well over a month since I changed my contacts, because they felt like sandpaper). I had a brainwave. I reached for my iPhone, held down the home key and said, “Remind me to change my contacts in one month.” Boom! How Star Trek is that?

using the reminder app for productivity

I have come to love and rely on the Reminders app on my phone to get things out of my head and into a format that helps me accomplish what I want to each day. I set a reminder to:

  • Take my vitamins (daily at 7am)
  • Drink water (a reminder twice a day–morning and afternoon)
  • Meditate (daily at 3:30)
  • Give the pets their flea treatment (once a month)
  • Get dog food when I leave home
  • Pull meat out of the freezer when I get home
  • A million other things

Isn’t that cool? You can set reminders that are location dependent! My kids set them to help them remember to get a signature from a teacher or turn in a form when they get to school. Or a reminder to ask me something when they get home.

I don’t know about you, but there are so many little things to keep track of in a day–and though I am a pen and paper girl (I love my bullet journal)m there are some things that digital calendars and reminder apps just do better–those pesky one-off activities (like thaw the meat for dinner tonight) and those recurring activities that are a pain to write a million times on your calendar (like take vitamins). And ever since I discovered voice-to-text, I barely ever type on my phone anymore (how do the kids do it so fast?!).

So unless your memory is a lot better than mine (which wouldn’t be hard) you might want to give it a try,

If you are on Android, here are a few choices for you.

Also, these Trader Joe’s daffodils are making me so happy right now.

Trader Joes' daffodils make me happy

cowboy grub

the humblest of meals


My dad dropped in unexpectedly this week. And what I mean by that is that he lives in Idaho, and I live in Southern California–and he called me at 1 pm to say that he would be there by dinner. That’s the way my dad rolls. I was so happy he was coming–I don’t see him as much as I’d like. My first thought went to what we were having for dinner. A quick check of my menu plan confirmed one of my deepest fears about hospitality: that what we were having for dinner wasn’t “company worthy”.

I cook nearly every weeknight (I have cleverly worked it out that my husband and kids cook on the weekend). I am not a bad cook–I know what I’m doing in the kitchen, even if I’m not as creative as I wish I was. But I often don’t think that what we eat day in and day out at home is anything special. In fact, I have several friends who basically don’t cook anything more complicated than boiling pasta and heating up a jar of sauce, but they each have these fabulous, signature dishes that they regularly pull out when they need to entertain or bring a dish to a potluck. I have no such dishes. I just cook decent, humble food on a daily basis.

This particular day, when my dad was on his way, revealed my deepest insecurity. This was an especially busy week, with some activity or another–mostly music performances almost every evening. So the meal plan was fleshed out with the quick and easiest of meals. A quick look at the calendar revealed that on tonight’s menu was Cowboy Grub (worst name ever). I never would have even tried this recipe if I hadn’t seen so many rave reviews online about it. In fact, I’m feeling bad because I was going to share the recipe with you, but I just realized that it s from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook (again, with the terrible names!) and I can’t share it here. But it basically ground beef, brown rice, pinto beans, corn, diced tomatoes with chili powder, and cumin. It’s chili with rice and corn added in. The simplest of ingredients, thrown together and simmered for a few minutes–it is fast, easy, nutritious, and actually quite tasty. I was skeptical the first time I made it, but we all commented during dinner that it didn’t look like much, but it was tasty!

I asked my husband, who was home for lunch, if he thought I should make something else for dinner. He wanted to know why. “It’s just not really company food, is it?” Now this is my dad–I don’t need to impress him or anything, but still. He looked at me like he had no idea what I was talking about, so I made Cowboy Grub (cringe–please can someone come up with a better name than that?!) for dinner.

And you know what? It was tasty and my dad was appreciative, especially after several days of eating in restaurants. The dinner was fine, the conversation was good and I need to learn to let my perfectionism go.

In fact, it made me think of visiting my dad years ago. I was there in Idaho with the kids and we were heading home in a couple of days. We decided over morning coffee to invite all the local relatives to come over for a barbecue that night–totally last minute. If it had been my house, I would have been freaking out–madly cleaning and rifling through cookbooks to make something “special”. But not dad. He got up and went to the grocery store and came home with a package of frozen hamburgers, a couple of tubs of pasta salad and potato salad from the deli, and a few bags of chips. He didn’t clean the house. He didn’t make anything from scratch. And you know what? That get together was my best memory of that trip–friends and family and food. There is a lesson that I need to remember.

improv quilting

I’ve changed my name to Simple. Handmade. Everyday.


hand sewing and drinking tea
{photo credit: Minki Kim}

I just wanted to pop in to say that I’ve changed this blog’s name from They Grow Up Too Fast to Simple. Handmade. Everyday. to reflect the types of things that I want to write about. I started this as a Mommy blog about six years ago to document my children growing up. As sewing and crafting became a bigger and bigger part of my life, and as my children became more and more reluctant to having their lives shared in this space–the blog evolved. Which is totally fine–but the name just didn’t work anymore.

My desire now is to share my love for living an intentional life. Filling your home with handmade goodness that you actually use every day, living simply, cooking from scratch to feed a family of teens, parenting those teens, and all the other tidbits that make up a simple, intentional life are all things that I am looking forward to sharing here. I hope that you will join me on the journey.

xo. Kristin

improv quilting

What’s your color story?

I confessed a little secret of mine over on Instagram the other day. And that is that I am a bit (okay, maybe a lot) insecure when it comes to color. As a quilter, this is an area that I would like to work on and overcome. So when I got the opportunity to get an advance copy of Change Your Home Change Your Life With Color by Moll Anderson–I jumped at it.

Here’s my second confession–I’ve barely started it, but I wanted to share something that came as a bit of an epiphany yesterday when I sat down do dig into it. I sat down with the book, my bullet journal, pencil, and a cup of tea. I had a feeling that I was going to want to jot down some notes as I read.

It turns out that not only does that book have stunning photos and a lot of great information–but it’s a bit of a workbook as well. One of the questions she asks you to examine is what is your favorite color and why. And what is your least favorite color and why. She contends that a lot of our color choices are shaped by our life experiences and it is worth a few minutes to dig a little deeper into those memories.

Picking a favorite color for me is extremely hard. But I just went with my gut on it and wrote down “blue”. Why? I’m not sure–but the word “calm” came to me. I do, in fact, love many, many shades of blue from navy to beachy blues, to the palest of pale blues. The beach house (below) from the show Grace and Frankie is perfectly decorated with many shades of blue (with some pops of orange–blue’s complementary color).

Photo from
Photo from

In fact, the only think I don’t like about that set is the green dishes–which leads me to my next revelation.

Photo from Hooked on Houses
Photo from Hooked on Houses

For my least favorite color I immediately said “green”. There are many shades of mediumish green that I find repulsive. Then I thought about why and didn’t really know. Then I realized that my house is dripping in green. I have a green sofa, a green chair, I have sage green walls in my bedroom! The bridesmaids dresses at my wedding were forest green! (Very on-trend in 1996, BTW.) Do I really hate green? Obviously not. At least not always. I have come to the realization that I am sick of green.  That’s the real problem here.

The fact that I think I don’t like green and am surrounded by it then lead to the further self-revelation that for all my professed love of blue there is none in my house. Zero. Not a thing. Hmmmm.

Luckily, I have an opportunity to remedy both of these situations very soon. The green sofa I spoke of is leaving soon to be replaced by a new, neutral sofa. I would love to take this opportunity to lighten up what is a quite dark room in my home with not only a lighter sofa, but maybe even a lighter rug and ottoman–what I currently have in that room is very green/burgundy (also very on-trend circa 1996). Here is my opportunity switch things up with some blue throw pillows and… I’m not even sure yet–but my mind has been opened.

I still have quite a bit of the book to explore, but–I can’t wait to find out the next chapter in my color story.