Handmade Home: Embroidered Tea Towels

Handmade Home: Embroidered Tea Towels

One of the things I love about quilting and sewing is enjoying handmade items in use around the house. I asked the question, “Do you use your handmade items?” a few years ago and the answer was a resounding “Yes!”, which I am so glad […]

sewing illustration video

My friend and co-author Minki and I created a video to show you how to transfer a design and create a sewing illustration project. We’ve had a lot of questions about this technique and here is a video that shows you how it’s done! This project […]

crafting a life

Carmella over at The Art of Simple has such a great post over there today called, “Mindfulness in the Empty Minutes“. It is all about not necessarily wishing for more time in the day for creative pursuits, but finding the little nooks and crannies of […]


Here it is a week into November and I still haven’t processed that it’s fall. That’s probably in part due to the fact that it is 85 degrees outside. The biggest clue I have to the fact that we are headed straight for Christmas is […]