Harmony QAL: Corner Unit Construction & Link Up

Harmony QAL: Corner Unit Construction & Link Up

We are ready to assemble our corner units Harmony Hand Pieced Quilt Along! I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how well these units come together. It’s also nice to take a break from creating units and sew them into larger blocks.

It’s so fun to see everyone’s units over in the Facebook group! And you guys all rocked the Twisted Triangle in a Square unit! They look fabulous and people seemed to think they were easier than expected.

This is our first link-up post for prizes! All that info is at the end of this post–so if that’s what you are here for, scroll on down.

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Corner Unit Construction

If you’ve got the pattern, then stitching your units into a block is pretty straightforward. If you’ve been wondering why you cut those “filler units”, this is where they come into play! Just double-check that you have all your units in the right orientation. It’s so easy to sew them together incorrectly! (Ask me how I know!)

About marking stitching lines: My motto with hand stitching is always “sew with the most complicated side up.” This is so that you can clearly see as many seam allowances as possible and manage those as best you can. So that is the side that I will mark with my stitching lines.

The trickiest part of this unit is the center of the “four patch”. Getting the point for the Twisted Triangle right in the corner is a little fiddly. I have a few pieces of advice here.

  1. Don’t stress about it! No one is going to notice if it’s perfect. Cut yourself some slack, and I promise, that when you get to your fourth one–it’s going to look better.
  2. Pin, pin, pin! Especially that center seam intersection!
  3. If you know it’s going to bug you if that point isn’t right, then give yourself an easy way to re-sew it without re-doing the whole seam. Let me explain.

When I sew this seam, I stop and knot/cut my thread about 3/4″ from the center intersection. Then I start a new thread and sew right through that intersection and past it by about 3/4″. Then I knot it. At this point you can finish the seam, or you can just stop and open up your block and take a peek to see if you are happy with that seam intersection. If you aren’t happy, then just rip out that last 1 1/2″, repin and try again! I confess that I ripped out that thread more than once!

I mentioned pinning above–and I find that very important. I also take a good peek at that intersection to make sure that things are lined up properly. And as always, when you sew through that intersection, take a stitch or two before and after the intersection, to make sure that it’s nice and tight.

This is a good time to give your unit a press. There are a lot of units here and it gets a little unweildy when it’s all together.

Be sure to visit Patty over at Elm Street Quilts–she’s got great tips!

Corner Unit Link Up

It is time to share your Corner Units!  Whether you’ve got one Corner Unit sewn, all four for a wall hanging, or all 16 for the throw quilt, gather them up and share a photo! If you’ve already sewn the Corner Units into a Harmony block, then just share a photo of the whole block.

This link-up will be open until midnight, Sunday, April 11. Not quite done with a Corner Unit?  No worries – our second check-in link-up will open on April 26! The Grand Prize link-up for your final quilt top link-up (quilted or just a flimsy) opens May 17 and closes at the end of June.


Our fabulous sponsors have provided wonderful, useful prizes that you are going to love! Patty and I use all of these great products regularly!

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Photos can be shared from a blog, Flickr, or Pinterest and must include a  link to Elm Street Quilts or Simple Handmade Everyday.  Photos can also be shared via a public Instagram and must contain the tag #handpiecedqal and/or #harmonyhpqal 

Don’t have a way to share?  You can also email them to handpiecedqal at gmail dot com.  Need instructions on how to link-up?  See the tutorial!

Units shared must follow the guidelines below to be eligible to win a prize.

We hope you take a few minutes to visit others and make new friends!

Please note – sharing a photo in the link-up gives Elm Street Quilts and Simple Handmade Everyday permission to feature a photo of your block on their sites.  Full attribution will be given.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter


  • Units must be entirely hand-pieced.  
  • Units must visually match the Corner Unit in the Harmony Hand Pieced QAL pattern.  (If you’ve already assembled the Harmony block and don’t have a photo of just the corner unit, share a photo of your Harmony block.)
  • Units can be made a different size.
  • Multiple corner units created by one quilter should be shared in a single photo. 
  • Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email.  Winners have 72 hours to claim their prize – if we don’t hear back, we will draw another name.  Once winners have claimed their prize, this post will be updated with the winner’s names.

Looking for the Harmony pattern?