My Favorite Hand Sewing Tools

My Favorite Hand Sewing Tools

Before we begin our next Hand Pieced Quilt Along (more info here), I wanted to share with you some of my favorite hand piecing tools. The beauty of hand piecing is that you don’t need much to get started–just a needle, thread, and fabric!

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But there are some notions that help to make the experience a little more pleasurable. I like to keep all my supplies together in a tray so that I can move it to different parts of the house (and even the car). I’m always ready to stitch!

My Favorite Hand Sewing Tools

  • Perfect Piecer: This clever tool makes marking stitching lines so easy!
  • Rotary cutters & mats: Olfa makes my favorites, I love the ergo cutter especially
  • Nice sharp fabric scissors are handy for trimming seams (these were my mom’s!)

I also love creating a little portable pressing station with a wool pressing mat and the Oliso Mini Project Iron. It’s so convenient to do a quick press of your units with this little iron!

And last, but certainly not least is good light! I am in love with this Daylight Halo Go rechargeable light. It’s portable enough to take it to wherever I’m sewing. It’s very flexible, so I can get the light right where I need it. (I’ve even balanced it on the arm of my chair, but don’t tell anyone!) And a bonus feature is that there is a magnifying glass built right in! So handy!

I’ve also got this Notions video, that goes over all my favorites.

If you are new to hand piecing, check out my video playlist of all the basics. You’ll be stitching in no time!