How to Make and Use Quilting Templates

How to Make and Use Quilting Templates

In the Book Club pattern, we have provided templates for every block. Some of the patches can be rotary cut, and we’ve provided measurements for those as well, but one of the skills we wanted to cover in this quilt along is using templates.

Template page

One of the great things about templates is that you can create shapes that would be hard, if not impossible with a ruler and rotary cutter. Templates are crucial for curved pieces and just a lot easier for some geometric shapes.

Making and using templates is not difficult at all–it just takes a bit of time. But as hand piecers–we aren’t in this for speed anyways, are we?

I’ve created a video that shows a couple of different ways to make and use templates, I hope you find it useful.

Check out Patty’s tutorial over on Elm Street Quilts.

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How to make and use quilting templates