birthday weekend

birthday weekend

It was a lovely weekend. Just a few things to share about it. My hubby and I share the same birthday. Weird, I know. But not as uncommon as you would think. People often say, “Really? What are the odds?” And I like to say, “One in 365”.

The weekend got off to a good start with the opening of baseball season on Saturday.

B baseball

And our double birthday on Sunday.


The Girl was sweet enough to make us a chocolate/chocolate birthday cake. It was her first solo cake baking experience (she’s a chocolate chip cookie master). It was delish and you could tell that it was baked with love.


It was a warm, sunny day that I mostly spent out on the patio reading one of my new birthday books. I’m so sad that Maeve Binchy died, but so glad she finished one last book before she did. I will miss her books terribly.


In the late afternoon, we all went to see Oz the Great and Powerful (loved it) and had a nice dinner out before coming home to the aforementioned cake. Tonight I can’t wait to try out one of my gifts. My first (and probably only) Le Creuset pot. Isn’t she a beauty?


As the kids were figuring out how many candles to put on the cake they informed us that our ages add up to 100. Yikes!