thinking about the weekend

I know it’s Wednesday, but my mind is still back at the weekend. It was lovely and fairly slow-paced and has me looking forward to this coming weekend as well.

We did a little Halloween decorating- always fun when you have helpers.

Boy 2 spend a good part of the day Sunday working on this:

Then spent the rest of the afternoon with Boy 1 making music together. They sound amazingly good together.

After a wonderfully successful Kids Cook Night, it was on to the dishes with “many hands make light work”.

And what better way to end a weekend than with a it’s-bedtime-I-told-you-we-weren’t-going-to-finish game of Monopoly. Has anyone ever finished a game of Monopoly? I know I haven’t.

Here’s one tough neighborhood. Stopping here will cost you about $1000. It was the end of me.

Hope your weekend was delightful as well.