in the kitchen

Some fun things happening in the kitchen this week.

First off the Husband and I finally got around to canning some jalepenos. We grew these in the garden- a strange variety- they are quite large and red! We used this recipe, which we have used with success for the last couple of years. This year, because the jalepenos were so big, we cut them into rings. I found a water bath canner at a thrift store last year, and it made the water bath part so much easier. In the past we have just rigged up our pasta pot for the water bath. What a difference the proper equipment makes!

Also happening in the kitchen this week was an apple crisp and some avocado chocolate pudding to take over to a friend’s house for a delightful lunch (she made a wonderful portabello pizza).

The pudding, from the 30 Day Vegan workshop, is just an avocado, cocoa powder, maple syrup, and vanilla all blended together in a food processor. Amazingly good! I even fooled my two non-avocado-loving children into eating it. Boy 1 was licking the bowl clean when Boy 2 (avocado lover) and I broke the news to him that it was really made with avocados. You should have seen the look on his face!

And the ever-present Wheatberry Salad, a staple in this house. It encompasses everything I love about whole-foods eating.

I think that next week I’m going try my hand at bread making again. It is something that I have aspired to for a long time, but have been able to work it into my daily/weekly rhythm.

Have a lovely weekend!