Simple. Handmade. Everyday. Podcast Episode 89 Show Notes + Giveaway!

Simple. Handmade. Everyday. Podcast Episode 89 Show Notes + Giveaway!

In this episode, I chat about starting a new quilt, my new cross stitch obsession, and a 10 day challenge! Be sure to enter the giveaway for Zest Tea at the bottom of this post!

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22 thoughts on “Simple. Handmade. Everyday. Podcast Episode 89 Show Notes + Giveaway!”

  • I always enjoy listening to your podcast. It has a variety of topics I am interested in., yea and quilting. Love Ted Lasso as well.

  • Love your podcast!! I am typically a tea drinker. Black teas are my favorite, but lately I have been thinking of trying some new flavors.

  • Enjoy your podcast so much! I also love black tea and found a local tea shop and tried a strawberry one, yuck – reminded me of cough medicine. Need to try something new and more caffeine, I’m all in! Thank you

  • I’m a cold brew coffee drinker but a local coffee shop I just discovered carries Harney & sons teas. I’m so excited to be able to go sample different teas, certainly finding a few favorites! Love your podcast.

  • I drink coffee every morning, but started loving tea after working at a coffee shop that sold Harney and Sons. I buy from Revival Teas now- Berry Hibiscus and Orange Pekoe for making kombucha.

  • You’re one of my favorite podcasts. I was glad to hear you’re doing some cross stitch. I did that years ago. When pandemic started, I began watching flosstubes. Gave me much needed stress relief. I still have lots of patterns and have bought more. I need to decluttering to find a free place to stitch! Therefore I’m still watching and dreaming. I quilt too but again too much clutter to get machine out! Enjoy your summer with your son home. I hope your husband continues to heal. My husband has a bad back sometimes, not a fun thing.

  • I’m a daily tea drinker, hot or iced! Plus I enjoy an occasional latte. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I am only a tea drinker. My favorite is Harney and Sons Paris (flavored black), although I also enjoy Orchard House (flavored green) and Birthday Party (flavored decaf black).

  • Love listening to your podcast! We have a lot in common so it’s like you are my good friend. Your book and tv show reviews are just up my alley. Love drinking tea too!

  • I always look forward to seeing that you have a new podcast available. Thank you for all the time you take to talk to all the crafters that listen to you.

  • I am traditionally a coffee drinker in the morning, but very often enjoy a hot cup of tea in the afternoon or early evening…it helps me de-stress! I’d love to try Zest Tea! Duchick at gmail dot com

  • I love both
    Coffee in the morning and then iced tea. Occasionally I’ll drink hot tea but usually in winter. I live in Texas so iced is better!

  • I’m a tea drinker. Can’t do coffee although I’d love to for the health benefits.
    I love your reading and watching suggestions. I loved the Downtown Abbey movie also.

  • Yep, I cross stitch – you’re right about it being easy to pick up and do while watching tv. But…yeah, I’m starting to accumulate stuff I’m not so sure I want hanging all over my house! And…I like tea too!

  • Another great podcast. I am a tea drinker. I really started drinking loose leaf teas when I started listening to your podcast a few years ago. 😀 Thanks for the chance to win!

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