Simple. Handmade. Everyday. Podcast Episode 76 Show Notes

Simple. Handmade. Everyday. Podcast Episode 76 Show Notes

In this episode, I chat about a new quilt project and quilting class, some great fall reads, journaling and goal setting finds, my new favorite YouTube channel, and a special training opportunity for overcoming procrastination!

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Starting soon! So don’t forget to grab a copy of the Rose in Bloom Block of the Month Quilt by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique!

Cabin Valley Quilt pattern

Fresh out of the box, so please excuse the wrinkles, but I’m loving the Baptist Fan quilting motif!

Sink and Sonder Journal: Use the code SHE15 at checkout for a 15% discount!

Powersheets 2022-available starting October 6, 2021.

I bought the Clear Skies linen cover this year.

Break the Procrastination Barrier: How to get more done and be happier with Dara Tomasson

Join Dara Tomasson the life coach for quilters in our pop-up Facebook group, and learn why procrastination has been plaguing you for so long. Go behind the scenes about the science of procrastination, gain practical tools to equip you to start living a life where finishing projects and being happier becomes your new normal. What you can expect over the next four days is an in-depth look at proven techniques that take you away from the self-sabotage and fear that are holding you back and transform yourself into a project finishing machine. Find out more here:

Join the Break the Procrastination Barrier Facebook Group to join! The event will be held October 11-15, 2021.




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