Book Club QAL: Jane Block

Book Club QAL: Jane Block
Book Club: Hand Pieced Quilt Along

The second block in the Book Club Hand Pieced Quilt Along is called Jane.

We picked her name from the classic Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. The block features four “house” units in the corners. Since finding a home is something that eludes Jane throughout the book, we decided to name this block after her. It has very straightforward construction–so let’s get sewing!

Haven’t grabbed a copy of the pattern yet?

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Book Club: Hand Pieced Quilt Along
All the pieces ready to mark the stitching line. (Here’s a video on marking.)

You can cut your pieces entirely with templates, or opt for a combination of rotary cut pieces for the center square and triangles–but the “house” piece is easiest to do with a template. (Here’s how.)

Block Construction

We will be tackling this block by stitching together the corner units first. Simply stitch the white triangles to the “house” unit–being careful to stitch the correct side of the triangle.

Then sew the base of the house units to the center–nothing tricky about this at all!

And lastly, stitch those corner units to the center, nesting the seams at the intersections. (Here’s a video on sewing through seam allowances.)

Book Club: Hand Pieced Quilt Along

Then just give it a nice press and admire your work!

Book Club: Hand Pieced Quilt Along

The Book Behind the Block

I’m embarrassed to admit that I started Jane Eyre three times before I ever finished it. Once in high school, once in college, and I finally finished it as an adult. I later realized that I had given up in the same place twice–right before the story really got going! Jane holds a very special place in my heart because she is a true survivor! And this this collector’s edition is precious to me as it was a special birthday gift to me from my brother. I love to read these old-fashioned hardbacks!

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