in the kitchen

I am finding that eating a truly plant-based diet is a lot of work. I think it is the right thing to do for our bodies and for the planet. And a lot of the time I don’t mind the work, it’s working in the kitchen after all. I love that. I love having lots of good things in the fridge to eat. I enjoy being organized and getting my beans and grains cooked up early in the week. Usually.

Some weeks I just can’t get my enthusiasm up for doing all those things that make it easy to keep up this way of eating. And when that happens I find myself opening the refrigerator several times a day and standing there thinking, “There is nothing in here for me to eat. This is too hard. I really want cheese.”

I am hoping that as I continue down this road, eating a mostly plant-based diet (maybe 80/20?). I will get my routines down and it will come more second nature to me. Last week was one of those weeks that I just never really got organized, so I was really looking forward to doing some stocking up today.

I spent the whole morning in the kitchen alone with my thoughts and and enjoyed it immensely.

vegan pesto (cashews instead of cheese)
pumpkin bread

Here’s what I made up today:
~ wheatberries
~ brown rice
~ granola
~ vegan pesto
~ roasted tomatoes
~ wheatberry salad
~ hummus
~ tahini sauce (good drizzled on just about anything)
~ hard-boiled eggs
~ pumpkin bread

I feel it was a good investment of three hours this morning and the kids will be thrilled when they come home to find pumpkin bread and hard-boiled eggs for their afternoon snack. I guess I just need to take it one week at a time.