What I’m doing today:

~reading Major Pettrigrew’s Last Stand. Actually, I just finished it a few minutes ago and totally loved it. I mean it. You should read it. Next up, The Help, which, sadly I have already seen the movie (totally breaking a rule of mine to never, never see the movie before reading the book). I enjoyed the movie very much and I hope to love the book too.

~cooking black bean salad, quinoa salad, granola, roasted tomatoes, and refrigerator pickles. A lovely morning by myself in the kitchen.

~listening to quilty podcasts while I’m working in the kitchen. Today it was Quilting Daydreams and Quilter in the Gap.

~making a baby quilt for my someday Etsy shop

~doing laundry and home tidy-up

~scheduling a Devacut haircut for my curly girl daughter. Trying to help her embrace her curly self.

~grateful for a beautiful day and being home to enjoy it. I am blessed.