Book Club QAL: Elizabeth Block

Book Club QAL: Elizabeth Block

I can’t believe it! We’re here! The ninth and final block of the Book Club Hand Pieced Quilt Along is called Elizabeth.

Our lovely Elizabeth is from the book Into the Wilderness. It’s a generational story which is represented by the Elizabeth being the corner unit and her family expanding out through time as the story progresses.

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Block Construction

This is another block where templates are crucial, as some of the shapes are a bit unusual. Once again, check out this video for tips on creating templates.

You’ve had two weeks to practice curved piecing and now you are ready for the final exam! Actually, though there are quite a few curves to sew, they are a bit more gentle than the Claire block. I think you will be surprised by how easily this block comes together. It’s a fun one to sew!

As always, get your color placement set by laying your block out. You can have lots of fun with that pieced curve unit!

Once you’ve sewn your pieced cuve together, treat it just like any other curve–finding and marking the center points and matching them up with the matching points that you have marked on the arch.

(At this point, it doesn’t really matter what order you sew all those semi-circles together. In fact, I think I did it in a slightly different order than the pattern. Whatever works!)

Next, sew the arch to the quarter circle. Once again, I have to say how much I love these short applique pins from Clover. Can you tell that I’m a bit of an over pinner?!

And at last, the final, gentle curve to complete the block.

And then just give it a nice press! (Which I clearly haven’t done.) I really like the charmingly rumpled look of hand pieced blocks, so I’m never in a rush to press them.

Wasn’t that easier than you thought?! I can’t wait to see your Elizabeth blocks on Facebook, Instagram, and in the link up!

Don’t forget to check out Patty’s beautiful block. Her saturated colors are just gorgeous.

Though this is our last block, we aren’t quite done. We will have a final link up for completed quilt tops with four amazing grand prizes!

The Book Behind the Block

Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati, much like Outlander, is an adventure/romance/historical fiction story. Our heroine, Elizabeth, travels from England to rural New York where she meets a white man living among the Mohawk Nation. Their love story and that of their children and even grandchildren unfold throughout this series.

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