end of summer blues

Summer is barreling to a close and I’m desperately trying to hang on to all the moments. All the big ones and small ones alike. From leisurely mornings, to afternoon outings, to our ten days in Washington. We even snuck in a deep cleaning of the kid’s bedrooms in there—which always feels good.

Every other year we met up with two of my brothers and their families, and my dad and spend a week at a gorgeous lake house in northern Washington. This year we added on a couple of days at the beginning of the trip to play tourist in Seattle. We spent one morning touring the University of Washington, because amazingly, the Girl will be headed to college next fall (gasp). It’s an amazing campus and my little city-girl-at-heart fell in love with both the school and Seattle in general.


That afternoon we spent a wonderful afternoon at the EMP museum. It was crazy fun. Conveniently, the Space Needle is right next store, so we checked that one off as well.



The next day we took off for the lake. Let me tell you, this is my happy place. The location is stunning, and mix that in with a whole lot of extended family that we don’t see enough, and lots of cousin love—well, you get the point.



IMG_6922  IMG_6981  IMG_6815


School started last week and at least I can rest in the fact that we squeezed out every last drop of summer that we could.