sick boy

This boy has been out of school for three days with a bad cold. He is actually missing a really fun field trip today. He has drunk gallons of tea (thank goodness for Throat Coat), gone through boxes of tissues, and has a very sore little nose. I’m hoping to play a few board games and maybe watch a movie together today to take the sting out of missing the field trip.

14 sickI’m going heavy on the fruits and veggies, trying get him well and keep the rest of us well. There has been a lot of green smoothies.

14 smoothie14 smoothie2

Very yummy breakfasts.

14 yogurt


And lots of fruits available for snacking.14 f&v2

Since we are having extreme heat right now, I’m trying to keep the cooking to a minimum. Last night we had do-it-yourself chopped salad for dinner. Fun and easy, everyone got a good helping of veggies and for once got the exact salad they they wanted,14 chopped salad


Even with the sick one home, I’ve been trying to fit in at least 15 minutes a day of some kind of crafting. I was able to put in a little time on a new quilt for my dad. Actually it is a re-do of an old, failed quilt, but that’s another story.

14 fabric

Have a great day!