finding joy ::2

Taking joy in pulling out all the Christmas decorations and piling them on the dining room table. Then trying to remember where I put them all last year when I felt that I had finally stumbled upon the perfect place for everything. I love decorating the house for Christmas. But, you know, I think I enjoy putting all away in January just as much- the fresh uncluttered feeling you get when you put it all away. But for now, I am loving the all the special things that are reserved for just this time of year.

I also find joy in the kids helping to “deck the halls”. The smiles and looks on their faces when they pull out all the ornaments with their names on them. One for each year of their lives. The way they remember where we put certain treasured items, in what order we hang the stockings (I didn’t even know there was on order!). All the little traditions that we have made knowingly or unknowingly each year that make this time of year special for our family.

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