a free afternoon

We are back to it with a busy Saturday morning. First, a music recital for Boy 1, playing Martha My Dear by the Beatles.

Then immediately over to Boy 2’s first soccer game of the season. (They won 4-2)

And now, a free afternoon. It is *way* too hot to work in the garden (so no guilt there).  We are all sequestered in the air conditioned house to pursue our own interests.

That, of course means some quilting time for me. I may quilt this pillow sham for Boy 1’s quilt, but I really should start tackling the pieced back for his quilt. I need to get over the hump with it and just dive in.

Probably a little menu planning too- I am struggling with the 30 Day Vegan this time. Just can’t find my groove. Maybe next week.

Happy weekend!