perfect summer lunch

Nothing is easier or more delicious than a simple summer salad for lunch.  Cherry tomatoes and basil from the garden, little mozzarella balls from Trader Joe’s (called Ciligene at TJ’s), a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper.  Putting it on a plate is optional.  Yum.

I am enjoying fresh mozzarella with tomatoes so much right now, at the height of tomato season.  I guess I’m especially aware of it because in a couple of weeks I am participating in Heather’s wonderful online workshop 30 Day Vegan. Then I will put aside my beloved mozzarella along with all other dairy and meat for 30 days.  I did the workshop back in March and enjoyed it so much.   I learned a lot about clean eating, slowing down, and self-care.  In some ways it like a little month-long retreat.

But for now, I will continue indulging in summertime treats like this tomato mozzarella salad, and loving it.